Nebraska Geological Society

"A Night at the Nebraska State Museum", September 15, 2022, Elephant Hall

5:30 - Happy Hour (2022 Field Trip Slideshow)

6:30 - Welcome 

7:00 - Dinner

7:30 - Program


"The Nebraska State Museum - its history and collections"

George Corner

Nebraska State Museum Collection Manager

George has a half century of experience with the Museum and serves as their archivist. He started working for the Museum as an undergraduate and served as Highway Paleontologist from 1972-1987. He has been the Vertebrate Paleontology Collection manager and archivist since 1987. He holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in geology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and has been a Member and supporter of the Nebraska Geological Society since the 1970s with Executive Committee service as Secretary (1979-80), Vice President (1986) and President (1987) as well as service on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee (1980-81).

His specialization is vertebrate paleontology focusing on Nebraska biostratigraphy. He described the fauna from a 15 million year old site in Webster County that produced more Neogene bats than any other site in North America including several new species which are currently being worked up with colleagues from Oklahoma and New Mexico. George has collected several thousand specimens during his tenure and has even collected fossils while scuba diving in Nebraska. One of his favorite localities is a 500,000 year old site from Nuckolls County from which he has identified more than 60 species of bird. He has published more than 15 scientific papers and has a new species of box turtle (Terrepene corneri) named in his honor.

We look forward to a great evening!


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