Nebraska Geological Society

NGS Spring "In Person" Meeting

April 21, 2022

Farmer Browns Steak House
2620 River Road Dr
Waterloo, NE 68069
(402) 779-2353

Attendees will order individually from the Party Room Menu

Dinner Program (6:00pm CDT). Social time starts at 5:30pm CDT.

Doug Hallum will present "Making a long story longer: Interstate Compacts and Nebraska"

Governance is one of the most palpable ways that society experiences the results of scientific investigation, and the relevance it affords to the practice of hydrogeology is perhaps more well developed than many other sub-disciplines of earth science. This talk will outline the foundations and historical development of interstate compacts, and discuss the evolution of our understanding and application of them. The talk will conclude by presenting the basis for the Nebraska Governor’s recent commitment to  fund the South Divide Canal project on the lower South Platte River, as outlined in the South Platte River Compact.

DRAFT Meeting Agenda:

NGS Membership and Finances

Floor Nominations for upcoming election

Pick up your calendars?

Events: summer field trip, fall picnic, October field trip

Bylaws committee update

Road Marker program developments

Scholarship announcements?

AAPG news

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